Theo Vonwood


EN: Theo Vonwood (b.1980) is an artist, multi instrumentalist, songwriter, composer & illustrator. First trained in classical and jazz music, he grew up with blues, psychedelic and grunge music and became a musician by exploring improvisation. Since his childhood, Theo has learned drawing by spending innumerable hours with his talented grandmother. First musician, Theo Vonwood (Vincent Pernollet), returned to drawing in 2016 after helping putting on the annual exhibition Vendetta and PrintNoiz organized by Le Dernier Cri. As an assistant on PrintNoiz, he had time to soak up the visual substance of Le Dernier Cri, he returned to drawing after Pakito Bolino offered him a wall to make a big drawing. His lines are organic, fine, sexual.

FR : D’abord musicien​ Theo Vonwood​ (Vincent Pernollet, né en 1980​),​ renoue avec le dessin en 201​6​ après avoir donné des coups de mains pour monter l’expo annuelle Vendetta , et  PrintNoiz organisées par Le Dernier Cri. En tant qu’agent d’accueil sur PrintNoiz, il a le temps de s’imprégner de la substance visuelle du Dernier Cri. Il se remet au dessin après que Pakito Bolino lui a proposé un mur pour cette dernière. Son trait est organique, fin, sexuel.

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